The Future of Language Services Industry

I know. I am terribly late with my report. But here it comes. If you want to see to the future of language services, have a look at global GDP development and the digital content explosion in the Asia-Pacific area in non-native English. Automated normalization of English may be the basis of finally succeeding in machine translation. This is one of the angles we learned in this year’s KITES Symposium that focused on language technology and international business development opportunities for Finnish companies.

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Always be a poet, even in prose.

— Quote of the Day by Charles Baudelaire

Leadership 2014 made simple

I went to an office sharing event at kontoret and heard a man say things about leadership that I’ve always thought should be common sense at workplaces. Unfortunately, they’re not. But perhaps they will be. The man’s name is Ari Rämö, he’s the managing director of a SICK company (yes, meaning a good one, awarded Great Place to Work for several times), he blogs, and he has just written another book about leadership. I asked to blog his ideas in English in order to promote to the world one of the clever people and ideas we have in Finland. Here’s the interview on leadership 2014 we did by e-mail.

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Travel blog Madrid 2014: Madrid es, simplemente, mejor!

Among the southern capitals of Europe, compared to Paris and Rome, my encounter with Madrid was really pleasant. I already know that Spanish people are friendly, and Madrileños seemed even friendlier than usual. Everybody was more than eager to give directions – with or without actual knowledge of the location – and once I got a piece of paper stuck in the sole of my shoe on the street, a middle-aged woman actually kneeled down to help me remove it. I was starting to suspect the government is paying the citizens of Madrid to be friendly to tourists.

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Suklaan sävyjä -trilogia, osa 1: Natasa liikemaailmassa

Hänen sopusuhtainen, neuhausinruskeaan vintage-leninkiin verhottu vartalonsa lipui aulan poikki kiinnittäen kaikkien miespuolisten työntekijöiden huomion. Tässä naisessa oli tyyliä, sen näki jo kaukaa.
– Voinko auttaa teidät portaat ylös viidenteen kerrokseen? kysyi siltainsinööri Jaatinen ja ojensi toiveikkaana käsivartensa.
– Minä en koskaan kulje portaissa, Natasa vastasi.

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Print is not dead: still creating concepts and writing for magazines

Re-lehti kansi 1/2014Finnish real estate development and investment company Renor decided to start a new magazine to unify its messaging to different stakeholder groups. Taskut designed the publication concept and produced the first Re magazine that speaks to the consumers in the developed communities but also addresses the needs of property decision-makers. The idea of the magazine is to introduce the field of community development through stories about the personal experiences of interesting people, inspiring project highlights, and attractive, design-oriented visual elements. The content of the magazine will expand the content of the Renor website, and its visual identity follows the rough, industrial, renewed look and feel of the brand. I was happy to write two stories for the first issue: one about developing the Finnish building heritage (page 20) and one about creating well-being with interior design and spatial concepts (page 22). Print is not dead, no matter what they say. A well-made magazine is a gift to the reader.

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Color, light, innovation

My sniffing the future trends continues. This time from the point of view of light, colors and related innovation and design. To compensate for the “noise” created by crowds, traffic, information overflow, mobile virtual reality, and the entire semiotic universe, we yearn for peace and quiet; an emptier space to charge our batteries. How does this show in lighting and color design?

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Suomennos: Tunnetko apinamiehen?

Kirjastossa on kyltti, jonka mukaan henkilökunta etsii vastauksen mihin tahansa kysymykseen. Kun kysyin, missä isäni on, kirjaston täti puristi suunsa tiukaksi viivaksi ja sanoi, ettei kirjasto voinut puuttua perheasioihin. Yritin etsiä isää myös netistä. Selasin numerotiedusteluja, ilmaisia hakupalveluita ja kokeilin kaikkia tuntemiani hakukoneita. Arvatkaapa, kuinka monta Joseph Wrightia maailmasta löytyy? Miljoonia! Millä ilveellä niistä muka selvitti, kuka oli minun isäni?

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The scariest moment is always just before you start.

— Quote of the Day by Stephen King

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